Monday, June 15, 2009

The Needy Gardener

I am back to NYC, with all its glories. When we pulled up in the car, all the hot colors of summer were ablaze in the garden. To my surprise, even New Dawn was still blooming some. The color was welcoming.

But now to the work to be done. The rain has been heavy, the plants overstepping their bounds. Sun-loving perennials are shaded, and reaching. Old spinach needs to be pulled, green beans should've been planted. Broccoli, time to cut you down, ol' boy. Time to rid the garden of those last strands of spring bulb not-so-greenery. Time to remove those odd things that people leave in the garden. Time to pull all those tomatoes that seem to sprout after seeds' overwintering. Need to prepare the trellising for the tomatoes and trim that over-heavy New Dawn. Need to turn the compost pile, need to rid the kitchen of the fruit flies that have developed since my departure. Need to laugh at how much gardening is high maintenance, even when you think its not.

But then... Need to go to work tomorrow. Need to move my studio into storage (ciao Dumbo). Need to say goodbye to my wife, who I've seen for only two days and now is off to another place for the rest of summer. Need to clean the house and pet the cats. 

But also... Need to enjoy the summer. Need to see some movies in the day time by myself (a favorite, but less frequent in recent years). Need to go to new parks I've yet to visit. Need to grow.

I hope the weather stays like this. Its comfortable, maybe a bit too wet, but cool/warm. Today was a nice day, at Brooklyn Bridge Park saying my goodbyes to Dumbo.

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