Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Rain, No Gain

I don't know why I was surprised to wake up this morning to more foggy, rainy weather. Its looking like the rest of my stay at Weir Farm will be similar. Period of unstable weather, jet stream shooting over head, keeps the systems coming. So, I guess we're all wet.

The air smells good here in the hills, I cannot say the same for NYC. At home, all that rain has been wreaking its heavy havoc on the New Dawn rose; here its been the peonies, and all else delicate and thin-limbed. The heavy rain the other day left puddles of peony petals on the stone wall underneath.

Speaking of peonies, I gave my talk last night at the Wilton Library. About 20-25 people came which I am told is a really high amount for this event. It went really well and the reason is that the audience was interested. I know, I know, is that too much to ask, but sometimes you can just hear the yawns. They asked questions before, during and after. I did run a little long, but we go started late. I showed all my work, including the sculpture and some bits of photos and the stop motion stuff I've been doing here along with my prior paintings. It was a lot to take in, and I'm sure I was a bit wordy.  Making art, thinking about it, so much of this takes place in my head. So its good to test it out on a willing audience. 

Oh, so why was this paragraph about peonies? Someone at the talk wants to buy a print of a peony photograph I showed -so thats cool. I have to look up services that print dig photos, high quality, this lady's top notch.  

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  1. Glad your talk went so well. You could try Duggal or Adorama--both in NYC-- for large-format digital prints. We just had Adorama do one for us at 24x36, and it turned out well.


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