Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Field Revert

The scent in the air changes dramatically as you near the field reverting to forest. Probably all the decay -decay never smelled so good.

I've seen lots of this in different regions of the North East, but I do not think it looks like a weed. My guess on this one is Lysimachia, a native one. On the farm, its growing in the old field reverting to forest, trail-side.  See the whorled leaves and little flower buds shooting out from the petiole.

Too bad I'll miss blueberry season.

Cow Wheat, Melampyrum lineare, a native of eastern N.A.  I found a patch of it growing beside the trail in the field reverting to forest.

Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia, is now in bloom in the woods, underneath the oak and tulip trees. Mildly scented, you can pick it up as you walk through the laurel forest.


  1. What can I say that I miss the OLD Brooklyn. I used to live in Sackett St., between Smith and Court.
    Now this county is over developed, over crowded,
    with former Manhattanites who could not afford
    the rent there.
    Now everything is e x p e n s i v e. What the hell. Good luck in your projects.

  2. The woods and wildflowers are beautiful - most informative, Sir. And I'm still scratching from the tick post.

  3. Lysimachia, you say? Thanks. I have this same plant popping up in a flowerbed. I'll let you know if I can find out more specifically what it is.

  4. Antigonum,

    I do not understand your point of view under this post. Alas, a long family history of my own in these Brooklyn streets. Family, on both sides, only briefly making an outer county attempt. So, yes Brooklyn has changed. My great grandfather owned a barber shop in that area you mention. None too many there now.


    You a good detective!


    I am nothing if not informative. The didactic gardener.

  5. So much for being a good detective. The closest I can find is Whorled Loosestrife,
    Lysimachia quadrifolia, but I don't think that's what you've got.


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