Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peonies Envy

I do not grow peonies in my roughshod garden. Yet I always see them in the country side, in gardens and yards. I have little to say about the peonies that the photos do not already say. I will say this, however, about my camera -it always has trouble with the saturated, hot reds, pinks, and oranges.

They're grown in a row along this wall. Hear this suburban county reader: deer do not enjoy the herbaceous peonies (tree peonies another story). If they did enjoy peonies, these would have been gone decades ago. This peony bed happens to be situated right in the center of their town -Deertown. Apparently deer like to plant ornamentals in their town, not just edibles. They also would rather look at, as opposed to eat, the stalwart Salvia, stiffly blooming for weeks as if it is made of plastic.

I must admit to enjoying these compact bud balls as much as the flower.


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