Friday, June 26, 2009

Post Tempest Mammatus*

I'm blogging away on a rather dry post about tomato cages, look to my left and out my window I see the world is yellow-orange. Grab camera, go outside!

The house across the street is catching the glow of the setting sun bouncing off the storm clouds.

I turn the corner and see that all is gold. Are those gold mammatus clouds I see, visually poked by ol' glory's pole?

Why yes, they are. Mammatus clouds are often associated with tornadic thunderstorms, and can appear quite menacing or eerie.

There was one storm to the north and one to the south of middle Brooklyn that carried mesocyclonic radar signatures at some time while passing our area.

Close up.

Back on my corner, the mammatus are breaking up.

Can you see the plane?

*Tempest Mammatus was a Roman porn star.

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