Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Pea or Not to Pea

That is the question and I have my answer.

The answer is no. I will not grow snap peas, or probably any peas again in my side garden.

First, growing them was easy. Sprouted no problem, seedling support no problem, transplant no problem, growing in pots no problem.

So what is the problem?

Beyond the minor cover, don't cover when cold nights threatened -its that I just don't get my effort's worth out of the few plants I could grow. I need a row of snap peas, not four planters!

That said, they were tasty. Nutty, sweet, green -definitely better than grocery-bought. The photo above -the latest harvest.

The plants are still producing, but by God -its time they moved on so the tomatoes can go in, the tomatoes for chrisake! What kind a world is it where tomatoes are waiting on peas, peas in a tomato's world!!


  1. Weren't you planting Sugar Anns this year too? The ones that are supposed to not need support? I also planted them. They're about a foot high now and flowering nicely, but are clinging and climbing on each other. I thought they'd be more "bush" style, but they still have lots of clinging tendrils. (Unfortunately my dog loves them and follows me around begging for them as I pick. I'm lucky if they make it to the kitchen.)

  2. Are you linking virtually to your peas?

  3. JGH,

    Yes, sugar ann. Yes, they were "bush" types which explains why they didn't get 4 feet tall I suppose. They did have tendrils and were "clingy". They just have taken too dang long to produce. June is late to me, should've been all washed up by May 15!

    I suppose your wondering how those peas got to me. No, I haven't invented such a virtual garden device -but when I do you'll be the first to know. My wife Betsy brought them up with her this weekend.
    We discussed their demise. Sadly, she returned to bolted Broccoli. Its hard to garden from afar, gardening is in situ!


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