Friday, June 26, 2009

Weathering Heights

I am not a fan for flying and so it is that I appreciate the caution in delaying or canceling all flights into the area airports because of weather.

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On the other hand, my wife was due in at 4pm, and is now sitting in an airport in Richmond, Virginia due to weather that has not happened yet. So, I do hope it had something to do with weather conditions in flight, and they steered south. Because two hours ago she was supposed to be in and now that lovely dinner I had all planned is thwarted. *#@!*


  1. Wasn't that storm weird?

    What would dinner have been?

  2. Oh, nothing special.

    Just some olives and figs, basil from the garden along with mozz and tomatoes and prosciutto and grilled artichokes and bread, then speck with sea scallops. A hodge podge!

    And I made a fruity thing with fresh kiwi, raspberry and lychee. I suppose we'd call that a salad, but I don't like that terminology. Its green/red/white so I suppose I'm onto an Italian theme along with the other stuff.

    Desert looked like NYC ICY cantaloupe. Wine a Gamay Noir from an upstate winery, tasted last autumn.

    I don't talk food, so now I'm self-conscious.

    I just ordered chinese food. Harumph.

  3. Haha. You talk food pretty well, though. Sounds absolutely fantastic. Wow. You don't mess around.

  4. No, I do mess around. The kiwi was really nice with the lychee, didn't need the raspberry- but the tri-color thing was good looking. We ate that this morning, she got in after 2 am!

    I tend to make too much. You always have these nice displays, rich foods but not-to-much. Like my garden, my cooking is overstuffed!


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