Monday, June 8, 2009

Whats That On My Peonies?!

What's the biggest question people have before buying peonies? 

"Won't it bring ants, I hear it'll bring ants?"

It wouldn't be a peony if it didn't have ants crawling all over it. I haven't seen an old botanical illustration of peonies without their attendant. And I like ants, and think E.O. Wilson is great.

This beetle is doing his damage. I think flower petals look tasty too, and some are, but not peonies. I believe this is a Rose Chafer, known to eat roses, but with a side of peony. Its not one of those "exotic" beetles, just an ordinary North American.

Not unusual to see the ant on the bud, but there with a lightning bug? Hmm. I guess if its good enough for ant, its good enough for bug. I've seen them about, but not lighting up yet here in the CT hills.

The Green Lacewing. You'll often notice these in the evening, their fluttering illuminated by the brooding sky. Their larvae eat well in the garden, much like lady bug (aphids yum) and lightning bug larvae (slug babies yum).

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