Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmers' Bounty

I walk through the heavily edited landscape of Ditmas Park, Flatbush, Midwood -whatever we're calling it these days to get to the Cortelyou Famers' Market on Sundays. They have the best farm produce prices in Brooklyn. Less selection, but the market is growing, slowly. There is a fish guy, the turkey farm, and now a cheese tent. There's a mushroom stand and baked goods too. But I go for the vegetables at the lowest farm prices. Last spring I got 4 bundles of ramps for 5 bucks!

Here is my morning bounty. Everything you see here cost me twelve dollars. Carrot bundle -$2, large swiss chard bundle -$2, white onion bundle -$2, red onion bundle -$2, zucchini -$1.50/lb, parsely bunch -$1, tomato $2/lb, garlic -$1/each. We've all hit the speed bump at the farmers' markets because of prices. I don't know why its cheaper here other than it's Sunday and a long week before they come back. I like it when the farmer and I feel like we're getting the deal.

Caveat: tomatoes are still not very good. Looks like late July/August tomatoes this year. I wanted to make this salad, so I bought them anyway -but they look like they were picked too soon and force-ripened.


  1. Ah, I got there a little later than you did. Did you enter in the cherry pit-spitting contest?!

  2. How could I not?!

    Never before was I asked to spit in public!

  3. Hey! I know that salad :-)

    The tomatoes at Borough Hall yesterday were $3.50 a lb...$12 for that lot is very good, I think it's worth a trip. Maybe to look around your hood, too, for future living quarters.

    So we went to Governor's Island today. Ferry MAYHEM! Lines and lines. They said they packed 10,000 in yesterday. I didn't see or know about the Times story but read your post a while ago, and read your comment on Trey's blog...damn.

    The porta loos were a hoot.

    But the waterpod was very cool, and so was bumping into friends I haven't seen in a while. And I love the moat. I think we (not that it's ever happened to me) need an alarm system for when a Times writer reads/needs a post. Alert! Alert!

  4. Thanks for the salad! I wasn't sure if I should quote direct or just "link". Hope its ok.

    Tomatoes everywhere else are that high price. If this blight thing plays out, it'll be higher. Somehow, $2 at Cortelyou!! Maybe they'll go up, or are they dragging in non-local produce until theirs produce? They do that at the Minneapolis Farmers' Market which bugs me some. They got bananas and pineapples and sh*t like that!

    Wow! The press must be getting to the people a hell of lot more than me blog! When I went, it was about 10 am and not really crowded. They even cut ferries because they wanted to load up on passengers. Hmm. They should get that ferry stuff straight. Seriously, money from BBP, should go to ferries from Brooklyn/Fulton St.

    The moat? Was that the dry moat around the fort with the Rodman Guns?

    Yes, couldn't we set up some kind of reverse cookie to track when Times writers are stopping in?;] Or how bout a blog moat?!

  5. That's a great deal for all that produce and everything looks so terrific and colorful. I have to pay $49 this Thurs - my friend is on vacation and I'm picking up her CSA box. Very anxious to see what I'm gonna get!


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