Saturday, August 1, 2009

Morning Stroll

Prospect's Echinacea was doing well, beautiful.

Sure is a Bee Balm.

This is growing where the Lullwater meets the lake in Prospect Park. Anyone know what is is? Sputnik?

The Jewelweed is blooming.

My favorite bridge over the lily pond has been fenced. No idea why.

This guy was stripping fibers from the wood.

Fortunately my other favorite wasn't fenced.

I've never noticed Jewelweed growing in the water before.

Bull frog.


  1. Button bush...cephalanthus? The round white one...have never seen it, but was thinking of using it in a shrub-y garden soon.

    Small chiens yapping to their deaths through the bridge?

  2. Buttonbush indeed. Excellent.

    Hard to say, nothing so obvious as yapping.

  3. The bridge was fenced to comply with the Code: no openings greater than 4 inches. It's to protect the children. God forbid the parents should supervise them...

  4. I can see it now: me taking photos of echinacea and jewelweed, while my "unsupervised" son jumps through the fenceposts chasing after a frog!

  5. Thats exactly what he would have done! I took the photo through the fence posts.

  6. PS to all,

    I wish they put the black fencing on the other side so it wouldn't look so damn sloppy! Whats up??

  7. I spent the weekend on Frye Island, Maine, and I saw buttonbush in bloom there, for the first time. Beautiful stuff, and heavenly scent! Stupid me, I forgot to photograph it. But is was a great weekend of family and botanical fun! I'll have some (hopefully) nifty photos posted "soon".


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