Monday, July 27, 2009

This Week In The Side Garden

Things are humming along. Thunderstorm rains have been helpful.

The green beans are producing.

I think I defeated the blossom-end rot that begun a few weeks ago on one 'Milano Plum.'

The Milanos from underneath -determinate, so they're setting over a shorter period.

Even the 'Black Russian' is forming fruit now. Can't wait.

As always, the cherries are producing the earliest. These are 'Sungold,' very sweet and tasty, but the skin is a little thick.

The 'Bella Rosa' is going strong, no sign of the dreaded B.E. Rot. These tomatoes have been enlarging for the longest period, and they seem to keep on getting slowly bigger with no sign of ripening.

And the strange 'Orange Pixie,' now has flowers and is still the most upright tomato plant I have ever grown.


  1. No sign of late blight? I hope they stay that way! We lost almost all of ours.

  2. Not yet. I hope so too. I'm sorry you lost yours -its been the weather and none to good for many things.

    I started from seed and am somewhat isolated in my spot, although some neighbors have tomatoes. But its a crap shoot.


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