Sunday, September 27, 2009

Been All They Can Be

The whole sorry mess. I am thankful for today's rains. But the sogginess makes blighted plants look miserable. At times like this, one must be decisive!

Therefore the 'Black Russian' on the left has been turned in on itself to be removed sometime this week. It was producing no more fruit this season but made great strides up to this point. The 'Milano Plum' on the right was the first to blight and is looking pretty lousy.

But it keeps on producing new green growth free of blight. Then, sets of plum tomatoes and so it stays.

Somewhere in there are two 'Bella Rosa' plants that are still producing despite being ill.

These two are likely to mature before frost.

But the beans have been all they can be.

In their stead, a broccoli 'Calabrese' from last spring. How's this for broccoli growing: plant seedling in a gallon pot in spring, summer over in a semi-shady location, water little, pot-up in autumn and fertilize. See what happens. I'll let you know.

What really matters now? The Asters!

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