Thursday, September 10, 2009

Church of the Immaculate Tomato

Yes, I am a sinner. My soul besmirched and blighted as my tomato. Pray for us.

The blight as it looks on 'Bella Rosa' -spotted, speckled, and sticky.

The 'Sungold' reaching towards my neighbor's ac unit, desperate for more sun. Its not producing much at all now.

I've watched this one grow up, the survivor in the batch. Favorite spot: in the green beans.

The first 'Black Russian'. Uh, not so black, but good looking. While the least affected by the blight, also the last to produce.

Sliced, perpendicular to the stem. The "black" must refer to the dark recesses. A tasty tomato, but I refuse to judge this variety until I can grow it in a more hospitable situation. I expect to pick just two or three more from the plant before it fully succumbs to the blight and low sun.


  1. It doesn't look tasty per se, but the blighted Bella Rosa is...beautiful. Amazing speckling.

  2. Sort of Giraffey, Sarahh. Its not so bad, but really I am doomed to this late blight forever because I don't want to throw out my soil and wooden planters. I'm throwing in the tomato towel. I know I can grow em, but its much effort and I'd rather have flowers to be honest. I'm looking into a community plot near the beach of all places!

  3. ...more giraffes...

    Haha, you'd rather have flowers. Thank you. Ditto. About to yank my Mexican. Sweet, fun, too spotty now.

  4. Giraffe! Giraffe! Giraffe!

    Odd animal, odd name.


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