Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Plant's Land

Have you ever seen those aerial photographs of managed landscapes and not managed landscapes adjacent to each other? They're meant to startle through the visualization of untenable differentiation. Not to minimize that, but this spot where the front yard meets the side yard has the qualities of those photos. Nothing, not even these dayflower weeds, will grow beyond this line. Its as if they know that that spot belongs to my landlord and just won't take the chance! He's a killer, a mad man they think. Do not cross that man. Don't even try it!

About three feet away where the Commelina communis grows rather wildly, people/person still like to leave cat food garbage in front of the garden. I have resisted to this point, but in spite of upsetting some feline friender (a word now, like friended), I will make a sign asking whomever it is to just quit it. I mean, do it in front of your own house. Isn't this despicable? Every day feeding the thousands of street cats in front of my house instead of their own -where, apparently, they would rather not lure them. I don't mind the cats so much, but you know, the garbage, and just the idea that they think my building, as trashy as it is, is the appropriate place for leaving stinkin food.

By the way, I am developing a notion that folks think vegetable gardening, as opposed to flower gardening, is a trashy activity. Why? All variables taken into consideration, people seem to dump more trash in my vegetable growing side yard. Is it because it speaks of work over beauty? Both sidewalks are residential and active. But the front yard always has flowers and the side yard pots with vegetables. Is it the weedy look of tomatoes? I suppose I'll never know, but it don't matter. Next year, I'm back to perennials over in the side yard with a handful of herbs because only those you need close at hand.

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