Thursday, September 17, 2009

That Dreaded Post

Dear Readers,

I've been neglectful to NYCGARDEN of late. Truth be told, neglectful of my tomatoes too. Watering little. After the death of Norman Borlaug I had a post concocted of a fictitious dinner party in which Borlaug was invited. Oh, I'm afraid the moment is passing and the post still unwritten. School has begun in earnest, we are expanding, and I have many new student employees to manage. To boot, I am curating a exhibition of art that deals with R. Reagan (yep, read it right) for later this autumn. Throw into that my concrete pounding search for a new studio of my own and other adventures into the world of art and what I've got is a recipe for not even noticing the garden -or my ideas.

But, I have a post, laying in wait, in draft. About a community garden. And ideas are stirring about a project. An art project. Hmmm. And, in the near future, I am attending a stone wall repair/build workshop at Weir Farm National Historic Site in CT, where I was last spring.

So, not that I'm out to lunch, or on vacation, but resting by being busy. Be back soon.

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