Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My landlord instructed me that his wife can't stand the Boston ivy remaining on the wall. One morning this week, his worker had a ladder in the garden yanking on the vine. I went out to assist (read, check on my plants), and thought of my previous post when I saw that he yanked a shingle off the dilapidated building when he pulled the vine from below. Oops. I thought he'd just glue it back up with some construction adhesive, but no, it's still off. I know the cursing going on, if that garden wasn't there, we could just spray the herbicide to kill off that cursed vine. Seriously, its funny when your slowly rotting building's main problem is the garden that interferes with vine control. Each year his wish to reside the building adds anxiety to my gardening -knowing that said work will do in the whole thing, like this time. Each year he says this is the year.


  1. Damn. That is what I call stressful.

  2. agreed. we had our condo building painted this summer & i was literally awake some nights fretting. HOWEVER, the painters did a great job of tip-toeing thru the posies. a few annuals came to an early annual demise but damage to perennials was very minor. *whew*. safe for 5-7 years now. i hope to live somewhere else by then. (but probably won't--i have a high center of inertia)

  3. I began planting veg in pots because of the threat, knew they could be moved. When it comes to this stuff, you know they just show up one day while you're at work. Landlord says not to worry, they'll be fine, but they're not his plants!


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