Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forget Garden Beds...

Oh hello. I have just thought of a brand new use for my blog. Ahem.

I'm trying to buy a new mattress for me and my wife. The internet is full of scammer comments and opinions, biased sites, and what else. I went to a sleepys in Bay Ridge today, and what a routine the salesman did for me. And I followed it through to leaving a small deposit on a mattress I know nothing about that cost more than I really can spend.

You are gardeners, so occasionally your back hurts from too much digging. You probably value a good night's sleep on a good mattress. What kind do you have and where did you buy it?

Oh, I hope this works.


  1. That's actually a hugely complex situation. The inexpensive mattress we settled for a couple of years ago is starting to give out. A good suggestion I have heard is that if there is a hotel you have slept well at, to ask them what mattresses they use. Of course when we tried that at a hotel with great beds in Holland, it turns out they don't sell those mattresses in the US. The best I can do is wish you luck and hope for recommendations I can steal too.

  2. Hi sarahh. The crazy thing is this. The model name for the same mattress is different from store to store so that you purposely can't compare prices! I tried this at sleepys. The mattress was a 'spring court', but nowhere to be found on any site or company. Similar names, yes (like subdivsions), but never the same.

    Also, this causes a problem when asking a hotel. Its built in to the mattress business for customer confusion. I called to have my deposit refunded today and of course, they gave me a runaround. Wanted my email, my phone number (again), didn't call back as they said they would.

    After this first experience, I am better prepared. I am a product researcher on anything over 100 bucks. I thought that mattress buying was like any other product, but its worse than used cars!

  3. As soon as I can get Vince out of it, I'll have a look. I've forgotten...

    I bought it about 5 years ago at, ahem...Macy's (cringe)...and paid $1,000 (I only mention in terms of full research)- what I considered a heck of a lot - for it, but was desperate, and justifying it as a long- term investment. Part of it was also that I couldn't stand the whole routine with the salepeople and just told them to eff off while I lay on all the beds!

    But eschew the pillow top. This one has a comfy pillow top, but whenever I sleep on a totally firm mattress, I am happier. Still, it's a good night's rest. Now if only I knew the name.

    Apparently the mattress trade really is scurrilous. The husband of a guy I work with (yes) used to sell them. I'll ask him for recommendations and the low down.

  4. Marie,
    Oh, well ask the husband of a guy- that sounds right, but also check yours-I'd like to know.

    The salesman danced with me till he picked my wallet.

    I never got to lay on all the mattresses and think for myself without the salesman leading the way!

    I may go to Macy's cause I think I may be left alone.

    1000 bucks 5 years ago is like 13 or 1400 now. But prices on these things are so misleading! You really don't know what you should be paying, but I want something good if I am plunking down hard earned 1K (even if thats not a lot for a mattress-it should be!). The most I've ever spent on a mattress is , hard to say it, 80 dolllars!

    Oh, my achin back!

  5. It's a Masterpiece Classic, and also has the word LeVante in a box on the label.

  6. Huh - I googled it and it's nowhere :-)

  7. So the husband of the guy only sold Sleepy's...and the salesmen worked on commission ONLY! He says you shoudl haggle...


  8. do you have a subscription to consumer reports? i have the on-line one. it doesn't say when the last hard copy report was.

    it could be a good time to buy if people are putting off large purchases (but i don't know this).

    i got lucky & got a floor model half-off. i was kind of yucked out at the idea of floor model until my friend pointed out that i sleep in HOTEL beds. floor model beds have only people with clothes *on* and out in public. so i got it.


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