Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last Hurrah

The last of the 'Black Russians'. The last of this year's tomatoes. Except for that pile of green ones I pulled from the pulled plants. Still have herbs and broccoli growing. I suppose I could do greens. Very little sun over in the side yard now. Next year, only herbs. Something new?


  1. Well, portuguese people do eat their salads with green tometoes, but to me their tasteless. Besides the pour on them a really nasty mix with tons of olive oil and other weird looking herbs so it takes all the appeal from the poor green tomatoes.

  2. I'm Italian so any kind of tomato will do - we had a fair crop in MD this year but my family in - yes NJ did not have a great tomato or garden year at all... too much rain - these are so pretty - with fresh mozzerella mmmmmmm Jennifer


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