Sunday, October 11, 2009

Off Season

Ever since I could get about on my own to near distant places, like beaches, I've enjoyed going off-season. The beach is wonderful for swimming and cooling in summertime, but its great for gazing and relaxing in autumn or even winter. A weekday at Jacob Riis Park is pretty empty, water sparkling, wind often from the north or west (less blowing sand), and big ships lining the horizon.

I couldn't be absolutely sure that the scent on the breeze was from the seaside goldenrod, Solidago sempervirens. But it was the only thing in bloom everywhere. It was musky, like certain spring white flower scents I'm not sure I like close-up, but from a distance just fine. Not attractive, but certainly respectable. The monarchs prefer close-up, thank you very much. They were everywhere too.

The grasses are spectacular with their tufts of pubescence illuminated by the low sun.

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