Friday, October 2, 2009


This past Saturday, I returned to Weir Farm for some stone wall work. Me ol' house as I arrived, 8:45 am. Immediately I had to get out to take pictures.

The red berries of dogwood trees in the morning sun.

Morning pockets of light and dark. There was dew glistening on the meadow.

The meadow I had known was completely new.

The asters were predominant...

but also grasses ready to seed.

There must have been fifteen types of asters...

scattered about the fields.

Each with minor differences in color, height, flower size, and leaves.

Wasn't this apple tree in the Wizard of Oz?

The predominant color of the field was mauve or russet (clothing catalog, help me out)...

punctuated by drifts of brilliant yellow Solidago or goldenrod.

It was spectacular. After the stone wall was finished, we had two hours til the train. My wife and I went on a hike. The fields were amazing, so what was I thinking - I left my camera in my bag with Park Ranger Emily. The fields appeared designed, but I don't think they are -no more than mowing. I've seen mismanaged cow pastures grazed, the cows leaving goldenrod behind. The goldenrod proliferates and while attractive in its own right, weedy and dominating. These fields, they had blue, white and yellow asters along with the red and ochre grasses. It was stunning as the grass predominated with surprise pockets of contrasting colors.

Saturday's weather was perfect for outdoor work and hiking. We ventured into the woods where we collected red, yellow, brown, black and green acorns. There were many types of mushrooms growing. The biggest surprise was the Indian Pipe. We saw the pearly white kind like those I saw in Forest Park. But I also spotted, nearby the white, brilliant red and yellow Indian Pipe which I later found isn't Indian Pipe proper, but a plant called Pinesap, Monotropa hypopithys.
I really wish I had my camera.

As we were about to leave I felt that the leaves had turned more yellow throughout the day. Wilton, CT is only about an hour northeast of the city. Autumn color is definitely coming earlier this year.

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