Monday, November 30, 2009

In The Vegetable Garden (The Anachronistic Tune)

The broccoli, venerable, old, begun last fall, over-wintered, over-summered, and now, florets.

And cabbage worms still hanging around to munch on my little broccoli starts.

Each day or so the spider builds a new web. In the mean time, she waits on the yew tree, dreaming of cabbage worms, worms that can fly, getting caught in webs maybe?


  1. I have never seen a spider like that before, especially in NYC. What kind of spider is it?

  2. I think the 'crouched' position throws you off. I believe this is an orb weaver, or better the 'garden orb weaver'. Apparently they have differing surface patterns, but all generally have round webs, generated fresh almost every day, and orb-shaped abdomens.

    This spider showed up kind of late, November! And I think it is a little unusual to spot in Brooklyn, although I am sure the eating is good. She showed up after I dismantled the vegetable garden. Its the kind of spider I expect to see near the outdoor night light under the eaves. There is a street lamp on that corner.

    My other post has the spider in her web:



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