Monday, November 9, 2009

Shadow Farming

This is the vegetable garden now. It gets 20 minutes of sun each day.

The old broccoli looks swell.

Love the pearly droplets on its leaves.

The young broccoli probably won't make it. Saw a cat sitting on it the other night.

Basil is hanging in there.

Oregano and Thyme are doing well.

And parsely quite good as well.


  1. Your big broccoli looks gorgeous. Makes me want to fry those leaves up with a little chile, sugar, soy, lime juice, garlic...hmmm till you won't know it's broccoli no more wahahaha. Sorry. Yum.

    Herbs looking good. 20 minutes of sun, really? Eek.

  2. yeah, 20. Suns so low now, the flowers are in shade before noon.


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