Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Been Goosed

As I sit here, I hear a flock of geese heading what sounds to be east, but what do I know of goose navigation. Steer clear of those planes please.

After a rowdy Saturday night (ahem, not so much) with some pals (and too many santas -what's with that frat-ish fad?) from my small (but big) world of art, I came home and brewed a cold. Drats! I still went out on Sunday to print my final sheets of paper for my moku hanga class. I wanted to give a hollar for April Vollmer, who is the artist and teacher who has introduced me to this technique, the same technique used by the Ukiyo-e printmakers of 19th century Japan. Her work is often filled with botanical imagery and she has exhibited her work at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. See some examples of her printmaking here. If you like her work (and are looking for that handmade gift), you can purchase prints here.

As a beginner, my own skill in this technique is limited, but the process is fun and I've long been interested in the Ukiyo-e prints and their depiction of people in the landscape. This print is a segment of a much larger painting in the works of the Ammonoosuc River Valley; the valley compressed in my image between Mount Washington and the Mount Washington Hotel.


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