Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Thaw

Just thought I'd take a moment to note the January thaw as it neared 50+ degrees today in Brooklyn. The compost pile, still in shade all day, has not quite thawed from its icy hardness (makes for tough turning). In my spring jacket, I strolled down my short street , and noticed work going on at a couple of houses, no doubt taking advantage of the weather (and made me wish I could afford one). At the last house on the right I spotted a pile of dirty snow, a remnant from the holidays, and it seemed so out of place. Otherwise the soil has thawed from the hardness of just the other day. The plants looked greener, the chrysanthemum and the iris never get brown, and the soil seemed alive. All it took was a day near 50. It's a fool's moment.

That said, we're probably thinking about our seed starting.

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