Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yew Down With That

As I sat typing posts this Thursday morning, wind blowing, the sound of spinning tires and revving engines a constant, I heard what sounded to me a chain saw. Surely it could be nothing but, what else sounds like a chain saw, and wow, someone's tree must've lost some large branches.

That's how disbelieving I was that my landlord would cut down this Yew after so many years of it sagging over the sidewalk. All the while Occam's razor suggesting to me that it must be our sidewalk-kissing Yew. I got dressed and headed out to see for myself.

This cut-down changes everything in the side yard. The Yew created a 3/4 day-long shady zone and limited the square footage possible for vegetable gardening (not that I'm doing that here any longer). It also had a tangle of roots that made spading the soil difficult for planting perennials. Now, the soil will warm up faster in the spring, and dry out faster in the summer. It's possible the side yard will harbor less shade loving tiger mosquitoes too.

The stump. I'll probably chop this out.

The corner is very different now. The shade under the Yew created a popular place to stand on the sidewalk on hot days. I'm sad that it is gone and I rarely celebrate a lost plant. On the other hand, when I was vegetable gardening I often wished it gone. It changes the whole planting experience on this corner and clearly, the experience of the corner. Now, if only my landlord would remove those old telephone poles laying along the fence!


  1. boo hoo! yew begone!

    Hi, Frank!

    chain saw in the morning! The worst is the sound of a power lawnmower for a teeny tiny strip of 'grass', or those leaf blowers for the miniscule yards in crowded queens.

    I loved the sound of the blades of the push lawn cutters and the sweeping of a broom. Loved the smell of the grass while raking it up. Was is so long ago?

  2. No, not that long ago. I love the smell of cut-grass. One of life's great pleasures. I agree with you about the leaf blower- the worst- I'd rather hear the rhythm of the lawnmower over the up and down wuuuhhhh of the blower. I hate blowers!! MAchine for machine's sake! Whew. Relaxing now.

  3. Looks like the city may have told your landlord to get rid of it.

  4. Probably more likely the quick and opinionated response from the neighbors! City not that fast, specially in a snowstorm.


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