Friday, March 19, 2010

Well Deserved

It's a lot of crocus photos this year, but they're well deserved after a colder and snowier than usual winter. But what's this? A now warmer than usual last few days of calendar winter! Spring comes tomorrow, but it will seem like late May, won't it.

That will probably spell the end of the crocus season and beginning of the daffodils.

Well I will send out these crocus to our friends Adrienne and Josh who had their baby boy sometime yesterday. Asa was supposed to come on March 8th, my 40th birthday incidentally, but he was waiting to be coaxed, maybe waiting for warmer weather! Congratulations friends, no finer people to bring new life to our world.


  1. You should have sent your extra cold weather up to us. The total snowfall, as measured by the plow pile in our yard, was pitiful this year. But onward to spring, and hurray for new babies!

  2. Beautiful crocusses. Happy late birthday! You're just 2 days before l'husband. I had to brave the same one last October. I can't even say it out loud.


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