Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wild Windy Weather

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I just returned from my trip to the corner take out. A tree limb, large enough to damage two cars has fallen on J&L nursery and my landlord's fence. Two cars beneath. I left the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today, not expecting the wind to pick up quite so fiercely. Sustained gusts, truly sustained, have been frequent and I would measure at over 30 miles per hour. JFK airport has seen wind gusts up to 74 miles per hour, with sustained winds, that's sustained folks, at 40 mph!

The wind is pouring in directly from the ocean, giving it quite a run to JFK. Inland, with buildings, trees and hills, the winds should be less powerful. Although, while waiting for a bus near the botanical garden (another story, believe me!) I saw an enormous galvanized tub, maybe 5 or 6 feet in diameter fly off a 4-story rooftop! Please, if you have pots or trees, or whatever on a rooftop or veranda, please ensure that they are secure. It's a bit much out there.

Stay dry (I did not) and watch for falling objects!

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  1. hi good day ! what a strong windy weather ! i have an information that in the old times they don't have some hi tech equipment to determine how hard the wind blows or if there's a storm coming they only depends on garden accessories such as wind spinners and wind chimes , but now as time pass we are lucky to have some hi tech gadgets to know this things about the weather . so we don't have to be surprise when or where it hit us . thank you to the persons who invented this hi tech equipments .


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