Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pavers and Cars

I need paving materials. Enough to fill 20 square feet. I've been waiting for the tree fairy to come and chop up the sidewalk, but still waiting. This weekend will be perfect for laying the pavers, whether concrete chunks or bricks or whatever. Got to get the side yard garden started. I've got lots of new phlox coming up in the front yard I'd like to transplant before they get too large. Today though, I'll be at the NY Auto Show at Javitz with my brother. He works in the specialty/antique/exotic car world. He also brokers these cars at We get press passes, so we're there before the crowds who ooh and aah at the latest. Last year's show was pretty sad given the state of the biz. This year promises a bit more. I expect a lot more GREENing of car product. We'll see, I'm off.

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