Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Sidewalk Fairy

No, not what you think. Wait, what were you thinking?

Anyway...I left the house today to go to work and outside filling their water tank were Dragonetti Bros. concrete saw crew. I asked when the trees were coming and they weren't sure, but had a species for me: Zelkser or something like that printed on their sheet -they said it was Japanese! I looked up NYC street trees and think it might be some coding for Zelkova serrata or Japanese Zelkova. We'll see...but when I get home the sidewalk cuts should be done. Plus they said they weren't putting in that silly cobblestone edging, which just blocks the the rain water for a few more square feet of the pit, because that's not in their contract with the city. I suppose others must do it because it's in their contract. Any which way, my wife plans on making some nice home made tree guards, to protect from all those dawgs out there.


  1. Hooray, trees! :D Too bad they're not going with natives, though.

  2. There is an allee - almost :-) - of Zelkovas on my street. They look kind of meh until fall, when their orange is glorious.

  3. I certainly wouldn't have chosen those, but I'll take them. Pretty dense crown, but not that tall. Low branching, hmmm. I would say meh too, but its nice to get any trees. Can three be an allee?

  4. In Brooklyn, 3 is mose def an allee.


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