Friday, April 9, 2010

When Cats Go Wrong

This morning, the whitish one, Pinky, had a moment. She was acting funny. We thought she might shit. My wife decided to clean out the litter, maybe that's why. While cleaning, the CAT shit right in the middle of the rug. Hard not to yell about going to the farm. After the first one, isn't it a slippery slope? Won't she always think it's the place to shit now?

Pinky is the cute one, she rolls over, legs butterflied for belly rubbing. She's the one that guests love because she runs out to greet everyone. She's a lap cat. Yet, she's awfully persistent when it comes to the lap or her spot on the couch, she eats way too much and runs to her bowl whenever you get her off your lap, and finds things to eat that she shouldn't enough that puking up all that food is not uncommon. She also goes everywhere she's not supposed to as soon as you close the door -that vase with the flowers, it'll be on the floor. And now this.

I grew up with dogs. They never shit in the house. Cat people, tell me what's next?


  1. Hmmm. Oh dear. Was the litter box perhaps very dirty? Maybe she's sending you a message. It's pretty unusual behaviour. Good luck, Sir :-)

  2. I hope that's all it is. The litter is cleaned about once a week. Cleaning entails, you know, disinfecting, not just scoopin poop. Completely replaced about once a week. Their box was at the end of their cycle though and did need to be replaced. I hope that's all it was. Then I'll just be motivated to clean it more if it will keep her from doing that!

  3. For some reason that picture did not load earlier, so I only just saw the cats. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I also replace once a week, but scoop twice a day. The cat will sit and stare at the litter and howl if it's not to the Zen-like state of raked sand perfection he expects.

  4. I recommend using white vinegar to clean it. Apparently that's the only thing that will cover up the smell. It has worked with our cat, who is still trying to encourage us to give away the baby.

  5. Ha! They do that -don't they. I used some bleach in water (cheap carpet -off white wool). If persists, vinegar it is. Thanks!


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