Monday, June 14, 2010

Everything Is Better In Manhattan

On the Manhattan weather page of Wunderground this morning, it says the humidity is at 39 % with a dewpoint of 36 degrees F. Those are wintery conditions. The temperature reads 60.3 degrees F.

On the Brooklyn page, it says that our humidity is 80% with a dewpoint of 63 degrees. Our temperature is 69 degrees F.

A dewpoint close to the temperature generally means that we feel uncomfortable, sticky or damp. I have not yet been out, but my wife reports that it is not dry and comfortable, but like moving in slow motion, jeans heavy.

Maybe the Manhattan gauges are set to suggest comfort for all in Manhattan, and to convince those not in Manhattan to come in.


  1. I like your garden. I have one in the Bronx, a little patch outside and more on the deck where I grow tomatoes. I keep trying to grow borage as well as lovage, but without any luck. Any suggestions?

  2. I got some free seeds from the BBG and they were old seeds. I just threw them on the soil and watered. They grew easy. Your borage should be this easy -it seems like a real easy plant from seed.


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