Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Much Needed Rain Today

But on the day I chose to move my art from storage. Drats!

I actually had to water the Eupatorium yesterday. I do not believe I have ever watered this plant -that's how dry it's been. We've been missing all our chances at late spring (ok, really summer) thundershowers -passing to the north, the south of NYC. So the water is welcome, very welcome.

My studio was here for three years.

And now is here for...

Art really belongs in proper storage -not the place you stow your plastic lawn furniture and unused snow tires. All my paintings will be moved into the new studio, placed on a proper rack that I have yet to build. These are June projects. It took me a full year to find a permanent studio, and I am happy to say it's a better one (it has a window) and in the right location for me.

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