Friday, June 25, 2010

The Pleasure's All Mine

While doing my morning walky-runny thing in Prospect Park, I stop to eat. Am I the only one who does this? I found a whole new bank of raspberries (not the one above, mind you). I snacked from four different patches yesterday. Some where close to the flavor of blackberries, some mildly sweet, but most were still tart and seedy.

Creatures have not yet taken an interest -neither human, furry, feathered or six-legged. The gettin is good. As for a map, I will draw this much -stay away from the greensward, hit the paved-path woods. Bring a can, the next two weeks should be prime for picking.


  1. Nice! Can't go wrong with raspberries on a walk!

  2. Yowzer. I'm there.

    WHERE? :-)

  3. Oh the joy is in the hunt! :)

    Start at the nethermead. Don't go passed the lake. Stay paved. Its all in there. Three of four patches on three different paths.

  4. Weave and wending. Don't miss the east side of the lullwater.

  5. I was there this morning, the lullwater trail was significantly picked, though some pickins left over. The nethermead still had many. Berries could use some rain to plump em.


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