Monday, June 28, 2010

Seeking Rain

The garden wants it to rain. Its been dry, its been hot, its been breezy -all conspiring to extract moisture from the soil. The plants are hanging on, but not without the occasional spot dousing by my watering can, which I am not wont to do.

So this afternoon and evening's thunderstorm threat, with its 1/2 - 1 inch of rain in short bursts, seems all the more promising. Yet, as I watch the sky, I head out with my watering can in full doubt that we will be doused. So far, I've experienced no more than cloud spit.

Radar indicates a southwest to northeast flow, often the pattern for harsh summer storms -but also the pattern for random locales getting completely missed by the restorative rains. This may be the case for some gardens and their last chance for awhile to get some rains. Northern Manhattan shall get some. The Bronx for sure, but Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens, we'll need to keep our fingers crossed.


  1. We've been watching the clouds but no rain for us yet. Had to go out there and water the garden because it is so hot and dry and all the plants look wilty. I really wish it would rain in the city already!


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