Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brandywine Frankenstein

These are the first and probably only brandywines I'll harvest this year. The cycle of drought and watering led to some cleft with heft. I made a tomato salad -oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. I cut out the coarse ravines. Eaten at room temperature.

One tomato growing note: I had one tomato with blossom end rot this June. I promptly started placing all our egg shells crumbled up on the soil surface. Entirely unscientific, but I must say that despite the droughty conditions, no blossom end rot on any tomatoes since the egg shells went in. For whatever it's worth.


  1. I tried the egg shell method too! I think it sorta helped...

  2. Eggshells eh?? Ima try that.
    Thanks! I tried this stuff
    and got some hydrated lime for next season.


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