Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Again Off Again

In the two weeks or so we've had the irrigation timer up and running, we've noticed a couple of times that the black valve that controls the water to our system has been shut off. Honest mistake, skulduggery, or simple ignorance could be the reason -who knows? Well, being that we will be in and out of town this August, I thought it best I make a house for the valve and timer.

A scrap piece of pine cut to size, weatherproof wood glue and couple a hinges make it all go. I drilled a 1 inch hole through the roof, disassembled the pipe, and reassembled the pipe with the wooden housing mounted.

Then I mounted the door with a couple of cheap brass hinges. I am holding off on the latch and lock because I really do not like lock-down architecture. It says there's an issue or that I'm paranoid, where I'd rather suggest, casually, that the valve and timer are connected and need not be disturbed.

It's hard for me to imagine someone opening up the box to turn off the black valve by accident. It is clear, isn't it, that the water is not running, despite the black valve being open, and that the timer is actually the valve now? Maybe that's not clear. A friend suggested writing on the box, but I'm interested in whether or not the box itself communicates our needs. Should it not work, there are words and padlocks.


  1. That box should be clear! But some people are dense. Did I say that? When I read about your friend's suggestion it reminded me of something funny. We had a neighbor that used to walk their dog on our backyard and allow them to dig holes and poop. When my husband asked her what she was doing, she countered with, "well you don't have a no trespassing sign on your yard". Shortly thereafter we built a 50 foot fence. How's that for a no trespassing sign?http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/2010/07/wildflower-galore.html

  2. A note, in plastic, on box.

    And a lock :-)

  3. I would think this should be enough. Most people consider closed doors a signal for "do not disturb." Hopefully you won't have to add a lock!


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