Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Far So Good

Yes. Finally I returned to the beach farm and no one has screwed with the water valve. Why? Because I darted down there on Friday, before leaving town, to install a hasp and lock -one of those miniature brass padlocks, discreet and effective. When I arrived that day, despite the box and the writing that requests leaving that valve turned on, it was again turned off. I attached the lock, hoping that this measure showed that I meant business.

When we arrived last night, the box was not ripped from the plumbing, as would be easy to do, to show us that whomever has been messing with the valve also means business. On some level I had hoped that the person was a lunatic, not just petty or vindictive -turning off a gardener's watering system, isn't that full of petty spite? A lunatic, crazed by automated watering, now that I can accept.

Soon we will be away for 14 days and wish for the plants to be watered as planned via automation. They are growing quite heartily now. Our transplants went in about 4 weeks ago and their growth suggests to me that one could have two full warm seasons on the beach. Other folks have tomatoes, eggplants, cukes and zukes, planted in spring and now beginning to wane. Yet ours are young, flowering, just ramping up production. Yes, two seasons may just be possible.


  1. Good luck. Should work. Holding thumbs.

    You want I should lend you our attack cat?

  2. Set him loose! Our attack cats will be coming with us.
    Meow say they who hate to travel, but love their destination!


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