Friday, August 6, 2010

Star And Chorus

I don't recall the kind of lily this is, other than a late bloomer.

Its scent is awesome - may I use that sort of Mtn Dew skateboard language?

A month ago, yellow and orange lilies were blooming in front of the phlox. Now, these -the star du jour. Phlox -plain, but always there.


  1. Looks like stargazer to me, but I could be wrong.

  2. The angle of the first photo is so cool - the way the stamens are pulled back with the petals. very cool.

  3. You MIGHT be allowed to say awesome...does the scent make you fall to your knees and shout, "Oh my god what a heavenly smell!" If not, awesome probably isn't the word you're looking for. :)

  4. Thanks Kate.

    Ellen, If I fell to the ground I would scrape my knees terribly on the sidewalk, and that would put me in the state to say, how awesome is the smell of these here lilies, as I lay here bleeding from my knees! ;)

    Meems, I believe stargazers are much larger and not pendulous. Hmm, wish I saved tags or receipts.


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