Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today I pulled up the rest of the borage. I deadheaded the cosmos and wondered much about the two super meaty stalks that have grown 5 feet tall and have not put out flowers. I considered yanking the three tomatoes, and may still do so tomorrow. I chopped up the terribly dry soil where the borage eeked out its miserly living and soaked it with three pails of water. Tomorrow I think I will plant the NY ironweed and bluestem goldenrod in that location with the hope that in the ground with no water will be better than in its plastic pot with no water. And still, I may pull those tomatoes.

Our sage wilts at a hint of sun -must mean that it's rootbound. All the perennials that I've planted under the yew, with the exception of aconitum, gaura, phlox, and eupatorium, have been languishing. They must be moved -hang on till September! God, those tomatoes! One green orb and I hesitate to slash and trash. I need that space. No more vegetables in the polluted side yard! To the beach, to the beach!

I'll be off to the Big Woods for a spell. If I receive my camera before then, I shall post a time or two. I have to work on the van, some o-rings and gaskets, throttle sensors and rotors, not to mention painting the bondo fender. But we also have some work on the house, rotten siding on the second story, flashing and roof repair. A busy stay in the Big Woods.

When I return, the beach farm will be out of hand. Two weeks of undisciplined growth. Incidentally, we harvested our first goods from the beach -collards and chard. I'll wash and cook those tomorrow.


  1. Have a good ride to the big woods.

    Lock on box?

  2. Yes, oh yes. Itty Bitty lock, first time the valve wasn't turned off.

  3. I look forward to reading the posts from the big woods. Hope the camera comes soon!


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