Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's amazing to me how shady the front garden is at 3 pm these days. What's funny is that I don't recall it being this shady, but then, there it is in pictures.

Today I was planning on hitting the beach farm, but yesterday changed all that and I must be at work. Grrr. I've got planting and planning to do, and harvesting too. So many seed packets sitting on my desk!

Saturday I am going up to Nyack, NY to look at a contracting job. Hopefully the last. I have been writing the story of my last big job -ha! when I was 34. After the first post I started to grow weary at the thought of writing out the full 8 months. Where was I going? Hmm.

In the studio on Monday, I came to some sudden awareness, you've felt this, an "ah-ha" to some, but really that sense of well being when you let something go that's been eating you up. And it's been eating me up.

There's something I want to do in the studio, something to a painting that's been languishing for too long, something exciting to me, the painter.

And then I thought, as I had for weeks, about the three contracting jobs slid toward me across the table. About the temptation to take them to ease the money problems that support the table which jobs like these so easily slide across. But the painting resonates, it moves across boundaries and time, it goes somewhere.

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  1. I have a dear friend up in Nyack - hope you have time to walk the path along the river a ways - it's lovely there. I imagine you'll be busy looking at the job, though...always tough taking money jobs when your heart is somewhere else.

    The painting inspiration sounds exciting - hope you get to follow it through! Good luck!


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