Monday, October 18, 2010

Bloom City

Front garden asters and max sunflowers -unfortunately cut in bulk by a greedy admirer.

The self-seeded borage.

Now that the heat of summer has passed, the path's alyssum looks good as new.

New Dawn's hips finally orange.

Side yard max sunflowers.

Eupatorium and aster together.

Honey bees hot for 'Alma Potschke.'

Asclepias tuberosa seeds.

The garden has been colonized by Snakeroot, formerly Eupatorium rugosum, now Ageratina altissima.

The under-appreciated individual flowers of Sedum.

The other asters -these more pointy-petaled and later blooming.

The gerbera daisy blooming in its pot.

White Gaura still gliding through the air.

Monkshood, Aconitum napellus (probably).

A look under the hood.

The unstoppable 'Sheffield's are now in bloom.

Other plants are still in bloom -the goldenrod, the phlox, the lily turf, the shrub rose, the honeysuckle, and even 'New Dawn.' It could be said the front garden has matured, and with it I have become aware of the movement of time, the passing of years, its inherent clockwork. It is both designed to take less of my time and I have less time for it. Yet I am comforted by the appreciation of so many passers-by, lending their presence -a certain kind of care all its own.


  1. I love asters! They always make me smile. I can't believe people have the audacity to steal other people's garden flowers! J*rks!

  2. I guess that I fell inlove with the Ageratina altissima flowers, and I'm sure to have some on my garden soon.

    @meemsync your cat is cutie!


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