Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yo Green Thum!

Robert is a lying panhandler like the Post says, but, can we give someone some credit for respecting gardening and gardeners?

Whenever he would see me, he'd yell "Yo green thum!" One day he gave me a book on houseplants after I helped him solve a problem with an english ivy cutting. Last spring, he stopped to ask how the gardening was going. A few small words between us. Then, as he strode on down the block, he stopped and turned.

"Yo green thum, can I ask you somethin?"

Uh, yeah.

"Do you love what you do?"


"You can tell, green thum. You can tell."

Robert is an alcoholic, fake amputee, panhandler, with mental and/or emotional problems. Yet, I'm going to give him a pass for that one comment.


  1. The Post is good worm food.

    Well, it seems he likes what he does, too :-)

    Curious to know how this will impact his earnings...

  2. I think he'll keep on going. Its what he does. He lived on our block for a couple of years and was always very respectful.

  3. Know is putting it a little strong, but we had a few conversations at the garden's edge and we shared some food with him occasionally.


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