Monday, November 1, 2010

The Growing Season Has Ended?

As per the statement from the National Weather Service...

"The growing season has ended for parts of northeast NJ southeast NY and southern CT...

For western Passaic County NJ... Orange Putnam and northern Westchester counties in NY and interior portions of Fairfield New Haven Middlesex and New London counties in CT... the average date of the first freeze is October 10.

As of today... November 1... most of these areas experienced freezing temperatures and most fruit and crops have been harvested.

Based on this information... the National Weather Service frost and freeze program for these areas has been canceled and will resume during our next growing season in the Spring.

Note that frost advisories and freeze watches and warnings will continue to be issued for coastal CT... Rockland and southern Westchester counties... New York City... Long Island and the remainder of northeast NJ until their growing season ends."

Well, just like they say, not for us here on the coast. It is the coolest morning of the autumn thus far at 38 degrees when I woke. I haven't been to the beach farm in 9 days. Our cut off date is November first, today. I'm feeling like I should let it go, to recharge, to accomplish other things. On the other hand, if those greens and peas will grow on their own, I ain't gonna stop em. We're not anywhere near our first hard freeze on the beach. What's it like in your yard or roof?


  1. i am desperately trying to keep my greens alive until by cold frame is completed. not optimistic, tho. i may just have to gather what is there soon. zone 6A, ~2miles from boston harbor.

  2. Donna, throw some plastic over them for the time being!


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