Monday, November 29, 2010

Praise Borage

I did not spend the time during this very busy week getting decent photos of the borage that has so artfully returned, an encore performance that I think is rather striking for its season. It is so wonderful to see plants simply turning their noses up at the cold weather and flourishing.  Best of all is that I had little to do with it -the borage simply re-seeded itself from the spring flowering. I pulled all that remained sometime this summer, after deadheading and cutting back to nothing worth keeping. Now I see that I should pull them right after they begin to decline and wait for the seeds to sprout for the fall display.

Ha! I truly believe this is the first time I uploaded a blurry photo to the blog. 


  1. Background ain't blurry. I wish I could say the same.

    Nice borage.

  2. Thanks, I just had it stuffed :)Leslie Neilsen reference, Naked Gun.

    Sometimes my camera just says no to focus!

  3. I'm in amazement that these flowers like the cold!

  4. Wow! The Borage looks really nice and colorful. I like the fact that they love the cold weather and they can re-seed themselves. It's awesome. Wish I can find these at the local florists in Indianapolis. You must have a green thumb or something! Amazing!


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