Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obligatory Snow Storm

I missed the big one in December, so this is my first big snowfall. After shoveling out the car and sidewalk, shaking snow off sagging roses and yews, I took a couple of shots.

 Landlord's truck shows how much snow, maybe.

 The side garden shows it, no?

 How about the bird house? They hate shoveling.

It is only in the snow that you can truly appreciate the red branches of climbing hydrangea.


  1. It was raining when I turned in last night. Got up to find pretty much what you have out there.
    And back home, they're keeping an eye on a cyclone!

  2. I read that. Its your season for cyclones. Good luck getting about today.

  3. You're lucky you missed the first blizzard. This storm, I think was better. At least the plows were out faster! I love your birdhouses.


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