Monday, March 7, 2011

March On

Today, in an indecisive mood, I found myself driving by the new Gowanus Nursery. I was a bit taken aback to see such a small footprint for the nursery -apparently located in the lot for a brick building that is being rehabbed and appears to be long from finished. It seems the owner, tired from having to move, has bought a building. The lot, however, is much smaller than the former, at least to my prying eyes. There were staff moving potted perennials around and construction workers in the building. I wondered how well things are going, how well they will go.

I lightly fertilized my broccoli and leek seedlings with liquid fish fertilizer tonight after bringing them in from the cold frame. I left the pea shoots in the frame for the night. Young peas are said to be hardier than the old and tonight I will test that information. I perused my National Gardening Association vegetables book (a fat book, with much info, that I don't believe is published anymore) as brushing up is useful for anything I do only once a year.

I realize I should have broken ground for spinach, chard, peas, cilantro, and greens already. What's up with inoculant for peas, never can find it locally, never have done it. I've no compost yet, and still want a truck load, not a bunch of overpriced bags. But it's looking like bags, patch at a time. Irrigation pipe sits on our floor, as well as netting and row cover fabric. Irrigation pipe should be laid before planting, yet the water is not turned on. Tomatoes need to be started, but at least the bond paper tubes are cut to size and waiting. All this and time soon to transplant perennials in the front yard. March named as such, on the march.


  1. I need to start sowing seeds this week! March on indeed.

  2. Have you checked out the Lower East Side Ecology Center? They sell compost at Union Square Greenmarket. They sell 20# bags of it. Also, home delivery (100# minimum)

  3. Joy,

    yes I have seen them. I need to spend less, though, compost has become a luxury item for me.

  4. Michele didn't buy the building; she's renting, and working with the landlord on the renovations. The nursery was prenaturely, unfairly, and unpleasantly forced out of their old space. The new space is small, but it'll have an indoor space for classes and more house plants. I know they have a lot of work to do, but I'm looking forward to seeing it. I have great confidence in Michele and her vision and I'm sure it will be a very cool place.


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