Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poll With Lilacs

I rounded the corner around 9pm tonight, and I was wondering just what is that scent suddenly ruined by the expulsions of an explosively accelerating SUV that also wrapped the corner? Oh, I see it, Larry's got flowering lilacs now. It only takes a one, on still nights like this one.

On the right, you'll see something new -a poll. The question is as inane as they come, so why not get everyone in on the action? Simply put, I am thinking about using a custom domain so that I don't have to garble the mouthful that dot blogspot dot com really is. I use the Blogger platform for the facility web page at work, and my experience has been that whenever I say the web address, students' eyes glaze over. Short and sweet is best, but NYCG has been taken in all its forms. The dot coms have already been scavenged as well, so here are the remaining choices:

  • Something altogether different
  • Don't change a thing



  1. Domain names were originally based on what they were actually about, for example
    .net was for a network. Typically and internet service provider, but networks of individuals apply as well.
    .org was for organizations.
    .com is commercial.

    Now granted these rules were never set in stone, but it helps to think about it when looking into your branding. What do you want to do with the domain?

    Have you thought about It seems more appropriate. I'd vote for either that or

  2. Google didn't give me the .us option, and I'm using them because its absolutely simple and cheap. Plus, the old address will redirect.

    What do I want: easier to say when someone asks. That's it. Is this a network? No. But I think a lot of people think of it as the net, as in internet. Also, it could be a connection of individuals...

    Thanks for the input.


    - that could mean expansion your future...:-)

    or .net

    But nyc and garden, yes

    All of these are still powered by Google?

    The blogspot is a mouthful. I generally tell people to google my blog name. But it might be nice to ditch the mouthful.

  4. your future, what I meant.

  5. Yep, it's all available through google, and the old one keeps working to redirect. 10 bucks a year.

    My boss wasn't willing to pay 10 bucks so I wouldn't have to say to students.

    I think I need to be.


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