Friday, May 27, 2011

Bearing Fruit

Around five o'clock this afternoon we were racing to get barbecuing items together for an evening at the beach farm with my father-in-law. He wasn't much aware of the garden on the beach and we thought we should show him before he leaves tomorrow. While there, why not cook some food after snacking on snap peas and broccoli florets, which, by the way, were a complete surprise. But my point is that we were not listening to the radio, and weren't aware that the interview would be broadcast this evening, having first heard of it via Marie, on FB, several hours later!

The snap peas have been bearing fruit, not the least of which is the interview with WNYC. You can read the blog post at Last Chance Foods. Happily I see that they included a link to both this here blog and my art work. Below is the audio of the interview with Amy Eddings.

I discovered a few things about pea pods this season. One is, the 'Sugar Ann' snaps do not always grow true -a few have been fruiting as snow peas. Another is that you must wait for the snaps to truly plump up if you want them sweet as can be. Also, I have one purple-flowered snap out of 25 white-flowered plants, and I see that I can foretell this by observing the purplish leaf axils that only the purple-flowered peas seem to have. If you're eating the greens in a salad, the purple flower sure dresses it up.


  1. Sweet. Now on to your tomatoes. I've never gotten my peas up and out of the garden in time to plant tomatoes after. I guess presprouting earlier like you did is the way to go and maybe something to try next year.

  2. Give it a try! We put our tomatoes in july 20th last year, so I'm not too concerned about putting them in early June.

  3. I love snap peas. I love curling vines just as much! Great post and great blog. Happy gardening!

  4. That's a relief, sort of. Some of my peas have been fruiting as snow peas, and I just thought that there was a mix-up at my seed supplier. Not that I mind; peas is peas to me, and I like all of them. I will try to be patient, and let my snaps sit on the vine longer. They really aren't all that flavorful when they're little...


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