Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chive about to bloom, a flame.

The continuation of cat deterrence. I moved the daylilies to the back, along with some asters. Both are tough and spreading, helping to keep the cats from pooping back there. When the siding guys come (it's been years in the making), I think these plants can get stepped on a lot and will still bounce back. In front -the other perennials and the mesh. Now it's clear to me -everything's the same green. Time for flowers, no?

These two herbs have never survived a winter in my garden -until this winter. Snow cover, snow cover, snow cover saved last year's (now this year's) parsley and rosemary.

Every plant suffers some underneath the dry shade of the yew tree. But the monkshood, Aconitum, is just loving it, growing bigger every year. The phlox and lilies don't complain much either. I think I'm finally getting this side yard figured out.

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  1. Hooray for overwintered herbs! I took my rosemary indoors, but maybe I'll try leaving it outdoors over the winter.


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