Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Forecasting

I said it to Betsy almost two months ago -we're gonna have a rough weather spring/summer. So far, for the U.S., it's been tough. Bad tornados and flooding rains have been in the news, including last night's devastating Joplin, MO tornado, much like the one in Tuscaloosa a month ago. There was also a deadly tornado a few blocks from my brother in law in North Minneapolis yesterday, but that has not been much in the news.

We have some thunderstorms in our area tonight, and they won't be as bad as those in the midwest, but as the image below shows, mesocyclonic development is already underway. Where the bright blue meets the darker yellows and browns we are visualizing winds moving in opposite directions quite near each other. Whether or not this develops into a ground-touching tornado remains to be seen. This radar image is just west of NYC in central NJ, 8:58 pm.

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Update: They're now listing it as a tornado. Newer image below where it is quite obvious.

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UPDATE UPDATE: Storm has turned a little southeasterly and is forecast at this moment to hit Brooklyn and or Staten Island in what appears to be 1 hour and 40 minutes. Each white segment is worth 20 minutes, and the arrow points its general direction. It has also been downgraded from a tornadic storm to just a mesocyclone. If it survives the next hour, we should get some good thunder and rain, and some wind too.

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